28 Jun 2021


The new brand for leading Bahamian beer brand, Kalik, celebrates Bahamian pride. 

Launched in 1988, Kalik is the leading beer in the Bahamas. 

Created by our Amsterdam team, the brand name Kalik was derived from the "Kalik, Kalikin'kalik" sound of the traditional cowbell, a handmade instrument used to bring rhythm into Junkanoo. Junkanoo is a street parade with music, dance and costumes moving along the streets to the sounds of a pulsating, uniquely Bahamian genre of music that has helped put The Bahamas on the map. 

The symbol of the two cowbells in motion, that produce this characteristic sound, is the visual representation of the essence of the brand. As as a true Bahamian brand, Kalik is also the longtime and proud sponsor of the Junkanoo festival. 

Over the years the brand has grown to include Light, Platinum and Radler beer ranges. The design of the Kalik original remained relatively unchanged in these developments as well as the overall brand presentation. The Bahamas is a young, culturally rich society and as the country opens further to increased presence of non-Bahamian brands to flourish, the need for a refresh of the Kalik brand felt necessary. So that Kalik stays top of mind, relevant and poised to grow sustainably long-term. In short: the brand needed a fresh, modern look and story. 

The design approach was to develop the key assets, wordmark and cowbell symbol, crafting them to be more unique and ownable. These assets are carefully applied across the range creating a strong coherence while allowing for unique detailing and relevant character in every proposition. 

On the Kalik Original, a proud Junkanooer is in the background, which underlines the connection of the brand with its roots while Kalik Light and Platinum feature symbols connected to the Bahamian coat of arms, the majestic Blue Marlin and elegant Flamingo. 

The new designs were launched successfully in March 2021.