2 May 2019

Just launched: WPP’s 2018 Annual Report

WPP released its Annual Report for investors last week, created by our London team.

At its heart, WPP is a creative transformation company. The 2018 report communicates the journey WPP has been on over the past year, and outlines the company’s new strategy and vision.

Following our re-brand of WPP back in December, we’ve worked with WPP to embed the new brand and visual identity in the first major publication since launch. For the first time, the document showcases client work to allow readers to understand how WPP delivers creative transformation for clients. We’ve also helped to completely re-structure the report to deliver key messages, embed sustainability, and implement a number of areas of reporting best-practice.

If you would like to discuss how we could help with your corporate reporting and sustainability communications please contact: 

Dominic Burnham
Business Development
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