6 Jul 2020

Jim Prior Talks Creativity with Refinitiv's Mark Lulsens

Mark Lulsens talks about how creativity and data power the world's financial markets and, when brought together, can help find solutions to the world's biggest problems. 

In this first at-home episode of Upstream Livestream, Mark Lulsens, Creative Director at the global financial data company Refinitiv, talks about how creativity and data powers the world's financial markets and why creative thinking skills are essential in what is perceived as a very dry sector. 

He discusses how data and creativity together can help find solutions to the world's biggest problems and describes how Refinitiv is helping a "new breed" of bankers with their own coding projects to test data-led hypothesis. 

Refinitiv, which is owned by Blackstone and Thomson Reuters, was launched in 2018 and Mark describes the approach to creating the new brand and how brand, business strategy and culture need to work together to provide a foundation for success. 


Mark discusses the need for business leader to be more generous in giving and receiving ideas; to search for inspiration far beyond our own walls; to engage in a healthy disregard for our past; and to sell your idea well to make it go further.

Upstream Livestream is a video series in which Superunion’s Global CEO, Jim Prior, sits down with senior executives from a variety of backgrounds for an informal and wide-ranging conversation with an underlying focus on creativity – and the many ways it can be manifested to drive business growth.

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“If you look at solving an issue today – the environmental crisis, financial crisis, a pandemic – you need a lot of data, and a lot of really smart, creative thinking to get yourself out of that situation, or make the most of the opportunity of that situation.”

Mark Lulsens
Creative Director, Refinitiv