19 Mar 2020

Jim Prior Talks Creativity with ESL’s Rodrigo Samwell

Rodrigo Samwell talks about the gaming phenomenon and how brands can join the party.

Rodrigo outlines the staggering size and demographics of the audience and how ESL has managed to build exciting gaming tournaments that attract a fan base of 500 million tech-savvy gamers globally.

These ‘unreachables’ are a challenge for brand engagement as they don’t watch TV and are sceptical about traditional media, but they love brands that do something meaningful that connects directly with them. He explains how esports offers brands a way to participate in an inclusive, democratic experience in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. Brands will be embraced by an esports ‘tribe’ if they act authentically and, as an example, he details how ESL partnered with Vodafone and Mercedes, and created an innovative content strategy for DHL, a traditional brand by any definition. ESL’s approach to unlocking the creativity of its marketing teams to develop relevant content for brand partners is also discussed.

Rodrigo says: “Creativity is like defining the rules of a chess game, but within those rules, there are infinite combinations that allow us to speak directly to our community, to spot the next trend, to be very quick and react very quickly to what’s happening out there.”

Upstream Livestream is a video series in which Superunion’s Global CEO, Jim Prior, sits down with senior executives from a variety of backgrounds for an informal and wide-ranging conversation with an underlying focus on creativity – and the many ways it can be manifested to drive business growth.

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“In many companies, the new generation of decision-makers have an affinity to esports. Lots of management teams in large companies are changing and they understand gaming. This makes it easier for brands to jump into this space.”

Rodrigo Samwell