4 Oct 2017

Jerónimo Martin's launches a dynamic, forward-looking brand

The evolved brand tells the human side of its story and captures its long and extraordinary brand heritage.

Superunion, a global brand consultancy part of WPP with over 40 years of experience creating and managing brands, has collaborated with Jerónimo Martin's to evolve their brand to celebrate the success of the business as its 225th anniversary. 

Every day millions of consumers in Portugal, Columbia and Poland bring fresh, locally grown produce into their kitchens. The business that makes this possible is Jerónimo Martin's – an international group of companies with over 200 years of experience and 3,500 stores operating in food agriculture, distribution and retail – Pingo Doce and Recheio in Portugal, Biedrionka in Poland and Ara in Columbia.

At the heart of the group’s business is a spirit and vision instilled by its legendary owner, Alexandre Soares dos Santos - to improve the quality of life for its customers through good food, sourced and sold locally, with the respect and support for and from the communities it serves.

Driven by the leadership belief in its role to be a positive force for social change, a champion for the people, Jerónimo Martin's always maintained, in its essence, a spirit of purposeful enterprise focused on growth, and it has remained unaltered for generations. It is a brand that has dedicated itself to acting for a better world.

To mark its 225th anniversary, Jerónimo Martin's asked Superunion to evolve the group’s brand to celebrate the success of the business and to tell the human side of its story; a story that is deeply rooted in the lives of millions of people.

Our challenge was to capture a long and extraordinary brand heritage while also conveying the dynamic, forward-looking ethos that has driven this family business for all those years.

Working closely with Jerónimo Martin's marketing team, we created a brand that paints a vibrant picture of the world of food, people and places that have been at the heart of the group for the past 225 years. We created an identity that achieves a balance between tradition and modernity, past and future, with a diverse range of tools to take the brand into this next chapter of growth.

The palette of colours is inspired by time – from the lightness and warmth of dawn through the brightness of noon to the richness of dusk – mirroring the day-to-day of Jerónimo Martin's customers and growers and positioning it as a brand that has, truly, been with its people every step of the way. The rich family of typography embraces the cultural diversity of the multinational business, giving it room to grow, literally, when the brand expands across the world.

We helped create a corporate advertising campaign, focusing on the values and culture of Jerónimo Martin's Group, rolling out across radio, press, online and the ATM network. The result is a brand with flexibility, personality and humanity that will carry its story, its business and its consumers into the future.