16 Oct 2018

Greg talks to Computer Arts

Our Chief Creative Officer, Greg Quinton, talks to Computer Arts on what makes Superunion the special place that it is.

What makes Superunion different from the rest?

In an industry where little has changed at scale for decades, we are excited about offering something new and different. We might be one of the largest agencies, but we are boutique in attitude, so we get to work on projects where clients of all sizes need brave strategic and creative thinking to make a real difference.

What excites you most about 2019?

Asia is really exciting, and china especially. North America has recruited some great talent and we are very excited about the new team there. In Europe all is good, however, the obvious big unknown is the ‘B’ word. Simply nobody know what impact Brexit will have. We will remain optimistic as always. With fingers, toes and eyes crossed. Just in case!

How does it feel to be voted on of the best design studios in the UK?

To be recognised by our peers is the ultimate honour. Awards in themselves are not our ultimate goal, but as an indicator of our creativity and ideas, they inspire our teams, excite our clients and bring the most talented individuals to our doors everyday. And before you ask, we are hiring.  

The interview is part of the UK Top 30 Studios feature, published Issue #285.