4 Nov 2020

Gold at the Corporate and Financial Awards

Congratulations to Legal & General, Swiss Re and AstraZeneca, winners at the CFAwards. 

Each year, Communicate magazine's Corporate and Financial Awards celebrates and showcases excellence in financial communications and provides recognition for the efforts of staff, companies, agencies and beneficiaries. 

For companies trying to reach investors, analysts, consultants in the investment community, financial journalists and their peers, corporate communications has never been more important. 

This year's winners reflect those exhibiting best practice in the use of financial communications with the City and its influencers

The winners were announced last night through a virtual awards event, the first in the awards' history. 



Best printed report: International - Swiss Re and Superunion


Best online report: FTSE 100 - Legal & General and Superunion 


Best printed report: FTSE 100 - AstraZeneca and Superunion

See the full list of winners here