24 Jun 2020

Global Inclusion - taking urgent positive action together

Join our partnership with What We Seee to address the urgent need for greater diversity, inclusivity and empathy in the world. 

We founded Superunion three years ago with the goal of bringing together the finest creative talent to solve the world's biggest challenges. 

Today, we think that is more relevant than ever. We also think it's time to accelerate from ambition to action. 

We have dual aims here: firstly, to help our clients respond to the issues fast, effectively and responsibly; secondly, to engage society and thus to improve the lives of as many people as possible. 

What We Seee: Feel Like Me

Creating 1 Billion Minutes of Empathy

There are two major forces of fracture in the world today:

  • The speed of incoming information with our corresponding desire to react as quickly
  • Confirmation bias with exponential affects algorithmically driven filter bubbles such that most of us only consume information that conforms to the reality we want to believe. 

These fractures are contributing to a global crisis that compounds our public health and economic woes: we are suffering from an empathy recession. The solution to this crisis and the route to empathy and understanding it to take the time to listen. We want your support for a project to encourage one billion minutes of empathy during the month of August 2020. 

Through a series of filmed interviews with diverse people sharing diverse ideas we will create a modern, public square where we take the time to listen, see, feel and truly understand some of society's most challenging topics through the lens of people unlike you. 

We get prominent figures to present their point of view in a thoughtful, heartfelt and apolitical 10-minute video. And we encourage 30m people to take the time to listen. Over one month we would clock up one billion minutes of consideration. Public figures will encourage people to start each day with 10 minutes of listening. 

We will ask the companies that encourage people to spend 20% of their time pursuing bold projects (both within and outside their main jobs) to devote this time to listening in August. 

We would like to talk to you about three different ways in which you can engage with this, any and all of which - we believe - would be of great value to you:

  1. We can partner in the production of Feel Like Me, of a major piece of film content, and its associated engagement plan, that we expect to become one of the most powerful and compelling statements of its time with the aim of creating one billion minutes of empathy within the world. 
  2. We can work with you to develop and execute a high impact brand and content strategy around diversity and inclusivity, tailored to your brand. 
  3. We can access and produce highly relevant, creatively compelling imagery and film content that can be quickly deployed in your messaging and communications. 

It's rare for us at Superunion to make a personal approach to our clients such as this. But we firmly believe that now is the time for decisive action and we are just as firm in believing that this would be of benefit to you. 

We would love to set up a further conversation with ourselves and What We Seee. Please get in touch:

UK - Holly Maguire, UK Managing Director

holly.maguire@superunion.com +44 (0)7920 294 300

US - Sabah Ashraf, CEO, North America

sabah.ashraf@superunion.com +1 917 992 4069