28 May 2018

Getting personal with ASAP in Kuwait

The ASAP Initiative, “It’s Time to Talk and End the Stigma”, that encourages openness around mental health in Kuwait, launched today.

The Initiative, symbolised through the Green Ribbon Campaign – the distribution of green ribbons to spark a national conversation about mental health – is spearheaded by Sheikha Majda, co-founder of ASAP, a renowned beauty brand in Kuwait with loyal following. Like similar initiatives elsewhere in the world, wearing a green ribbon signals being open to talking about mental health, and being committed to ending stigma around the issue.

Superunion’s work on the ASAP brand led to an understanding of the symbolic role of Sheikha Majda to her customers. Their trust in her and the fact that she co-founded ASAP with her sister led to the development of a “sister’s advice” as the central idea for the beauty brand – and one which also underpins the ethos of ASAP Initiative.

Spearheaded by this “sister” figure, the ASAP Initiative is about finding strength in openness and sharing. Sheikha Majda’s personal struggles with mental health prompted her decision to speak out and raise awareness about the issue: from sharing the benefits of opening up, to emphasising the importance on social interaction, people can find connection and understanding through talking about their struggles.

We are proud to have supported the ASAP Initiative, developing the brand. More than anything, Sheikha Majda’s initiative is an example of the opportunities that brands have to influence social change – especially when they shine a light on inspiring personal stories.