13 Jun 2018

Find The Truth In Data

The forensic company relaunches their brand with a bold, new approach that echoes their important mission. 

Terrorism, ransomware, child pornography, arms trafficking – all activities that run rampant in the darkest corners of the web and all linked by the difficult-to-trace cryptocurrencies used to hide these crimes from the law. As a crucial resource in this ongoing battle between online law enforcement and criminal activity, ​Elliptic​ s experts work with cryptocurrency companies, financial institutions and government agencies to stop illicit activity.

To communicate Elliptic’s goal of finding the truth in data, the company turned to brand consultancy Superunion​ for an approach rooted in the forensic company’s capabilities and mission. The visual identity uses negative space typography, inspired by the raw digital look and feel of data lines and the blockchain.

This creative concept also mirrors Elliptic’s own search and discovery process, guiding the viewer to locate certain hidden terms - truth, terrorists, guns, ransomware and more - within posters, brochures and other materials. The legibility is deliberately challenging to echo the difficult task Elliptic undertakes and its simple black and white colour palette reflects the seriousness of the issue and the importance of the legal cases that rely on Elliptic’s intelligence.

The result is an identity - comprising confidential presentation files, printed documents, screen animations, new online presence, and business stationery - that helps the brand stand out among their competitors and tells the story behind the services that Elliptic provides.

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