28 Apr 2020

Figlia: Feminine by Nature

Our Hong Kong team partners with Agricola Dargenio to design limited edition olive oil brand that celebrates the power of femininity. 

Our Hong Kong team has partnered with family owned Italian farm Agricola Dargenio to design the packaging for Figlia, a limited-edition batch of handcrafted olive oil. The launch of Figlia, meaning 'daughter' in Italian, celebrates the company's first female CEO and the beauty of feminine individuality. 

The family owned business has been operating for over 70 years under the Padre label and sought to celebrate the third generational handover to the founder's grand-daughter, Emanuela, who took the helm in 2019. 

The agency created 300 limited-edition bottles, handmade in the same region, which were designed to represent the feminine form, with each one being completely unique to reflect the beauty in individuality, and were left purposefully unadorned, aside from a stamp on the base, for repurposing. 

Inspired by this ceramic design, we created a series of illustrations to form a visual language that uses soft organic shapes to express notions of femininity. All of the creative elements aim to celebrate the uniqueness of all things natural and come in a multitude of variations set around the same style and colour palette. 



Greg Quinton - Chief Creative Officer

Andy Reynolds - Creative Director

Gianluca Crudele - Design Director

Louisa Luk - Designer

Euginia Chui - Project Management

Meghan Claridge - Production Management

Salvatore Caraglia - Ceramic artist