11 Nov 2019

FastCo Innovation Festival

Stuart Radford and BBC Creative's Michael Lean head to NYC to host FastCo talk.

Anatomy of the BBC rebrand: are the best ideas born out of collaboration?

Collaboration is sacrosanct in the definition of creativity. “The essence of great things,” in the words of Steve Jobs. It brings diversity of ideas, speed of experimentation, and a pool of skills and experience behind one goal—to do the best work possible.

But does having lots of people around the table beat the genius of the lone wolf?

Can there be an agreement at the end of the debate?

BBC Two’s recent rebrand—its first in 20 years—was created in collaboration by BBC Creative, Superunion, and over a dozen renowned digital artists and animators around the world, including The Mill, FutureDeluxe, and Mainframe. Each with the creative freedom to interpret the brief and express their own ideas.

As Not Seen On TV” is an inspiring look behind the screen, showing the lessons learned from one of the most creative collaborations in the industry. 

Michael Lean – BBC
Stuart Radford - Superunion

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