3 Oct 2019

Europe's Culture Magnet

ARTE, the European culture TV channel has launched a series of new broadcast stings.

Each animation is a new reinterpretation of ARTE’s identity, previously created by Superunion. Inspired by the idea of ARTE as Europe’s culture magnet, the visual languages employ a literal reinterpretation of the theme, as the ARTE logo attracts various different subject matters.

The new designs – the urban skate park, the petri dish, and ice caps – take a poetic approach, reflecting the summer mood, rich in colour and a play on light. Each animation tells its own story, in a way that employs a touch of wit and charm, and injects warmth and a depth of emotion into the experience.

The stings punctuate the end of the programme and the start of the ad break. They are just five seconds long and play with the viewer – the subject never actually reaches the ARTE magnet. Sound design plays a strong role in bringing animations to life. A subtle sound bed was designed to reflect the magnetic tension and underpin the moving image.

First published in Creative Review