20 Feb 2019

EQ is the New IQ

We will be joined by BBC and Deloitte, to explore the intersection of empathy, gender, leadership and success. 

Empathy, or the ability to understand and share others’ feelings, has often been classified as a feminine trait, while rationality, logic and ambition have been considered masculine. Despite EQ, or emotional intelligence, gaining traction at work, the role (and appropriateness) of emotion in business is still questioned.

We will host a panel discussion joined by Leena Patel, Global Strategic Partnerships, Deloitte, Susan Ayton, Creative Director, BBC, Holly Maguire, Managing Director, Superunion and Andi Davids, Strategy Director, Superunion.

We will examine emotion, gender, creativity, and business with the aim of defining empathy, exploring its role in success, and providing practical tips for how to foster a more empathetic workplace.

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Amelia Saunders
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