29 Jan 2020

Elegant Inking

Superunion presents: The celebrated artist and illustrator Vic Lee.

Join us for an evening of ‘elegant inking’ with the celebrated artist and illustrator Vic Lee.

Vic’s elaborate unique mural style incorporates typography, romanticism and storytelling, all handpainted by pen and ink. His unique approach to freestyling murals means his clients, the likes of Mercedes, Jaguar, Virgin Atlantic, Ubisoft and Nike, never really know what they will get until the final lines are drawn.

As well as murals, Vic works with agencies on branding, packaging and advertising campaigns, the past year seeing him painting at the Bahrain F1, creating artworks for West End theatre productions and art collaborations for beauty companies.

Vic also collaborated with Superunion by painting the head of the infamous advertising legend Mark Denton, a self-proclaimed one trick pony, for a fun poster that won some serious awards.

Celebrating his 10th year as a global ink diva, Vic will chat early days, the grafting, bundles of cash as a dealer (of art), storytelling, wordsmithery and being more in demand than Netflix on a winter’s night.

Thursday, 5th February
6:30pm – Drinks
7.00pm – Showcase

6 Brewhouse Yard 

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