23 May 2018

Eazy Winner of “Super” by Superunion

Eazy Go, a cashless transport app by Egyptian startup, Tawseela, has been announced as the winner of the first “Super by Superunion” competition.

“Super by Superunion” is the first brand development accelerator program of its kind. Targeting startups in the Middle East, the goal is to support and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. During the three-week program, awarded to the winner, Superunion guides startups through brand development, helping to shape their positioning, develop creative concepts and brand guidelines.

Thought up by the Superunion team in Dubai, the “Super by Superunion” competition launched at Vested Summit, a tech conference for startups who use technology to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Entrepreneurs from over 300 tech companies came together at the summit between 9th and 12th May in El Gouna, Egypt. They came to showcase their tech, listen to speakers, and take part in a hackathon and other workshops – including Superunion’s “Beyond the Business Pitch” and “Beyond the Storytelling” seminars on brand building.

18 shortlisted startups were given the opportunity to enter the “Shark Zone” where they pitched to a joint panel of investors and the “Super by Superunion” team. Startups were judged on four criteria: an ability to upscale creativity in the region, the social impact of the idea, the idea’s growth potential and the team’s passion. The winner was awarded the chance to have one-on-one meetings with investors, as well as the brand development program offered by Superunion.

On winning the award, Tayssir Hawary, Co-founder of Tawseela said: “We are thrilled to have won this award and to be working with one of the biggest branding agencies in the world…working with Superunion will help us fulfil our vision of impacting the lives of millions in Egypt and around the world”.


Carina, Farah and Anvita with the founders of Skaleup Ventures

Impressed by the bold display of creativity, Superunion also offered three runners up (website builder Retailak, cashless payments app XPAY and queue tracking app Dor-e) to join the program. Speaking of the summit, Aneesh Sharma, Executive Director of Strategy at Superunion ME said: “I was so impressed by the ideas, the passion and the great concepts presented in the pitches. Scalability is all about great ideas and great brands, that’s what we are looking for”..

The first “Super by Superunion” lays the foundation for the future of the initiative. In years to come, our network will partnering with organisations like Vested Summit, helping startups across the world to embrace their creativity and accelerate brands boldly into the future.