14 Jun 2021

China Outbound

Maggie Chien talks at Amazon event on the opportunities for Chinese brands going global.

Maggie Chien, Business Director of Superunion China, was invited to the forum of “Chinese DTC Brand Marketing Strategy” to give an opening speech on the topic of ‘Brand is priority: Brand strategy for Chinese companies going abroad’. Revolving around the concept of “Brand is priority”, Maggie discussed key aspects such as the opportunities and challenges for Chinese brands going global, as well as the key to success for multi-national brand building.

The global pandemic has accelerated the globalisation of online retail, as well as revealed changes in consumer behaviour. Whilst this poses good opportunities for Asian brands to go global, Maggie explains that they will need to demonstrate a unique brand attitude, demonstrate brand values and connect with consumers emotionally to build loyal brand supporters. 

When explaining key factors to successful multi-national brand building, Maggie discusses why a good product is no longer enough. For Chinese companies to expand and strive for long-term success, branding is the necessary next step to strengthen connections with global consumers.

In order for brands to communicate with consumers and grab their attention in the information age, they need to be able to drive consumers emotionally or simplify purchasing decisions for them. Once Chinese brands have identified characteristics of overseas markets and differences in consumer behaviour, branding is an indispensable part of the process.

Watch the talk here