21 May 2018

Celebrating Race Against Dementia

To celebrate Dementia Action Week this week, we go back to our partnership with Race Against Dementia. Here is our story.

Sir Jackie Stewart, a legendary British Formula One Racing Driver, approached us to help build a new global charity funding groundbreaking dementia research following the diagnosis of his wife Helen. We were tasked to create a brand identity and launch platform that could leverage Sir Jackie’s personal story in an impactful and meaningful way to help find a cure for this devastating illness.

The charity is still in its early stages but it has already significantly changed the conversation around dementia.

The research sector comes across as cold and clinical, while dementia charities tend to focus more on care than finding a cure. Race Against Dementia was created to bring the urgency and determination of motorsport to the world of dementia research, disrupting the category and bringing about change.

To achieve this, we asked ourselves a few questions: what connection can be found between the story of a Formula 1 racing driver, and the world of dementia? What can be learnt from a pioneer of safety in motorsport - a man that disrupted the sport in a positive manner forever? These questions inspired us to look at cues that bridged the gap, both visually and in spirit.

Inside a race car the world around you moves so fast, creating a disorientating and visually fractured landscape. Individuals with dementia have a similar experience on a day-to-day basis. Routines become distorted, memories break up and individuals increasingly feel confused and left behind. It was this link that inspired our creative solution. We created a brand identity that was distinctly unique from other dementia charities: bold, passionate and determined.

This included a fractured and distorted custom-made typeface, named after Sir Jackie’s wife, Helen; a distinctive photographic style; a vibrant colour palette and direct tone of voice.

We applied the visual identity to a range of print and digital applications, including a new website to enable donations.



The launch was covered by the BBC, Sky News, ITV and every major UK newspaper. A number of individual sports personalities have commented and have been seen wearing the distinctive Race Against Dementia lapel badge. The website is registering thousands of views and shares every day. The story was even picked up by media in the USA.

Moving letters and notes cover the donation page (accessed through the website), with thousands of pounds already raised for the research fund. It has been welcomed by researchers and practitioners in the field who have expressed their respect for the Stewart family for have the courage and determination to speak out in public.

Read more and donate: Race Against Dimentia