3 Mar 2020

Celebrating International Women's Day with Black Girls Gamers

Superunion enjoys an interactive gaming experience with Jay-Ann Lopez, the founder of Black Girl Gamers.

As gaming continues to present some of the most exciting opportunities for brands and people today, we are hosting a morning of hands-on gaming with Jay-Ann Lopez, the award-winning founder of Black Girl Gamers. 

Black Girl Gamers is an influential platform that heightens Black Women's voices in gaming and advocates for diversity and inclusion in the industry. It is also the home of the largest community of Black women gamers globally; boasting 5,500+ members. BGG has been a moving force in the industry and sparked discourse on Black women's representation in games and the industry. 

BGG has been featured on BBC, Sky, ITV and partners with Facebook, ASOS, EA, Twitter and Dixons on its mission to revolutionise the gaming industry 

09:00am - Breakfast and Gaming showcase

09:30am - Talk by Jay-Ann

10:00am - Game On!



6 Brewhouse Yard