10 Jan 2020

Can the Sussexes really be financially independent?

Global CEO ⁦Jim Prior‬⁩ talks to ⁦‪Sky News‬⁩ on their brand earning potential

Following a recent statement from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their step-down from being senior members of the royal family, our Global CEO, Jim Prior, speaks to Sky News on the earning potential of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex following the recent announcement. 

Jim adds to the discussion around the Sussexes becoming financially independent: "I think the real question for Harry and Megan, given the statement that they've released, is not so much about what the possibilities are, but what are the possibilities that they want to exclude? Where is the focus going to be?"


Sky News state that the Duke and Duchess will "work to become financially independent as they step back from the frontline of royal ribbon-cutting, but offer few clues as to what this will mean in practice, and even what they mean by independent."

Jim Prior speaks about the potential implications of the Sussexes' decisions, "If it is to be around socially purposeful things, that will limit the revenue earning opportunities that they have."


"The couple's day-to-day income currently comes from two sources: the Sovereign Grant, public money paid to support the Queen's official duties; and far more significantly from Prince Charles, who passes on millions of pounds in income from the Duchy of Cornwall, a vast estate of land, agriculture, property and commercial interests."

Source: Sky News