12 Mar 2021

Build Each Other Up

A global initiative to celebrate the strength and resilience of the Superwomen across our network. 

Now, more than ever, it's important to celebrate the strength and resilience of the people with whom we surround ourselves every day. When we come together and build each other up, we are unbreakable. 

This year, to celebrate International Women's Day, we have launched the Build Each Other Up campaign - a global initiative to celebrate the women across our network, and to let them know the impact they make every day, not matter how big or small. 

We asked every woman working at Superunion to show their appreciation for another woman, be it a teammate, a friend or simply someone they admire, and choose a word, image or symbol to build them up. 

With over 200 responses from across the world, the submissions create a limitless wall of building blocks that grow and connect with each other. All different shapes and sizes to represent the individuality and spirit of the people that make up our global community. A campaign to celebrate the many ways in which the people of Superunion celebrate and build each other up. 

Created by designers Leah Bravo and Lucy Child, the campaign was first revealed as a series of teasers on social media, before releasing all of the designs online, as a place for the project to continue and grow. It's an endless scroll that celebrates the importance of global connections, unwavering resilience to withstand any challenge and the strength we have when we all come together. 

See the whole project here