21 Sep 2020

BBC Two, ESL and Superunion take to AdWeek 2020

Superunion joins BBC Two and ESL as Advertising Week launches a reimagined virtual AW2020 event. 

From 29th September - 8th October AW2020 will broadcast from Europe and the US, featuring the trademark thought leadership excellence programme, with a focus on bringing the industry together and getting back to business. 

The programme will feature a series of news briefings, presentations, hot interviews, expert commentary and global insights, as well as content streams and episodes. Across eight channels, each stream will focus on addressing the key challenges facing the industry today - acceleration, creativity, entertainment, equality, purpose, rebuilding, leadership and community. 

Michael Lean, Head of Strategy at the BBC, and Stuart Radford, Executive Creative Director at Superunion will join forces in a live session to go behind the scenes of one of the most significant rebrands of the 2010s. Together they will explore how you bring relevance to an iconic brand while staying true to its original spirit, if brands can be created through external artistic collaborations, and how an agency can successfully work with an in-house team to produce an outcome that pleases everyone. 

BBC Two's recent rebrand - its first in 25 years - was created collaboratively by BBC Creative, Superunion and over a dozen renowned digital artists and animators around the world - including The Mill, Future Deluxe, Aardman and Mainframe. 

In addition, Marta Swannie, Creative Director, and Jake Myhre, Strategist at Superunion will be joining Rodrigo Samwell, CMO at ESL, the world's largest esports company. With 500 million fans and viewing figures to rival the Super Bowl, ESL has evolved from bedrooms and internet cafes to stadiums around the world and attracting millions of fans along the way. 

With a fan base projected to grow to 2 billion tech-savvy gamers globally, esports' key demographic has become the envy of marketers globally, offering non-endemic brands an opportunity to reach new and increasingly engaged audiences and maximise their investments in the sports stars of tomorrow. 

The trio will discuss the explosion of the gaming phenomenon, how brands can effectively and creatively engage with the esports community and what the future of esports might look like. 

Rebranding an icon: BBC Two - Tuesday 29th September, 11:30 BST/6:30am EST. Community Channel presented by Facebook - Michael Lean, Head of Strategy at the BBC, and Stuart Radford, Executive Creative Director at Superunion. 

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How brands can enter the esports arena - Friday 2nd October, 15:00 BST/10:00am EST. AWLearn Channel - Rodrigo Samwell, CMO of ESL, and Marta Swannie, Creative Director and Jake Myhre, Strategist at Superunion.

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