2 May 2019

Another successful corporate reporting season

Last week, our corporate reporting team celebrated the publication of the final 2018 Annual Report.

It’s been a busy season for the Superunion Corporate Reporting team, and we’ve finally resurfaced after the publication of our last 2018 Annual Report. Over the past seven months, we’ve worked with many fantastic clients to produce great reports that communicate not only to investors, but also to a broad range of audiences across both print and digital. A huge thank you to our team, and our wonderful clients for another successful year.

Below, we take a look back at some of the 2018 reports we’ve worked on.

A Change in approach

In our first year working with Rio Tinto, we were challenged with making their report much more engaging and accessible, with the added challenge of not using any photography. Rio Tinto is further complicated by having three public listings in the UK, Australia and the US, making the process demanding as well.

Our client views the result as ‘as successful step change’ in both the output and process. Content is much more accessible through careful structuring and presentation. Our understanding of the potential pitfalls in the process meant we could anticipate these in advance and offer alternatives to avoid introducing risks at crucial stages.

"Thank you for helping us deliver an annual report that is just stunning in almost every way… sincere thanks for the partnership, collaboration and counsel. I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated it."


A Creative Transformation

With a new CEO, brand, offer, and strategy, WPP’s 2018 report needed to communicate change and support WPP’s new vision ‘to be a creative transformation company’. In the first major publication since the launch of the new brand, we worked with the team to completely transform the report.

For the first time, the document showcases work from across the WPP network to allow readers to understand how the Company delivers creative transformation for clients. It is now much clearer and more accessible, walking readers through WPP’s new client offer and strategy. Sustainability is now successfully embedded throughout, demonstrating how WPP’s sustainability approach is aligned to strategy.

The Governance report has also been completely re-structured to focus on communicating the focus areas of the Board during the year in a concise and engaging way.

We’ve worked with WPP on their Annual Report for over 10 years, and more recently helped to develop the new WPP brand and corporate website.

Supporting a new listing

In June 2018 Quilter floated with a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange and a secondary listing in South Africa, following its managed separation from the former FTSE 100 company, Old Mutual. We supported Quilter in publishing their first suite of corporate reports, including the Annual Report, in print and online, ancillaries for both UK and South African shareholders, as well as their Responsible Business Report.

We worked with Quilter to grasp the opportunity made available to them that a clean slate for reporting provides – focusing on establishing a solid structure and adopting an innovative design approach, showcasing the new brand, in their first set of reports that will allow their reporting to evolve going forward.


Working to support change

Since 2015 we have helped HSBC dramatically evolve its corporate reports. Seen as ‘change agents’, we worked with HSBC senior leadership to redefine and restructure their approach to reporting, while also advising on best practice content, structure and overall design.

Our work with HSBC has focused on improving communication through effective content design and clearer messaging, helping to make the report clear and concise (assisting with HSBC’s efforts to reduce the length of the report by 43%!), and supporting in the development of externally recognised best-practice reporting in the Financial Services sector.

Having demonstrated our ability with the Annual Report, in 2018 we were brought in to fulfil a similar role with their Environmental, Social and Governance Updates (ESG Report). Given the growing importance of the topics addressed within the report, both internally and externally, the objective was for the resulting report to be regarded as a true companion report to the Strategic Report.