10 Jun 2019

Amsteldok - A space to create

Amsterdam now has a new landmark: Amsteldok. It is the new campus for WPP’s Dutch agencies, and the brand has been created by our Amsterdam team.

The name – Amsteldok – is a nod to the campus’s location on the banks of the Amstel River, the city’s maritime history and its role as a gateway to Europe.

The identity and typographic forms are inspired by the campus’s physical structure and the visual language of the Amsterdam School of Architecture, an expressive 20th century style predominant throughout the city.

We created a dynamic logotype that reflects the campus’s urban shapes, and a graphic language that fully embraces its ethos as a ‘space to breathe, to create, to enjoy life’.

“I’m delighted to open WPP’s Amsterdam campus, which demonstrates our continued investment in our people and commitment to the Dutch market, which is one of the most dynamic and forward-looking in the world. WPP campuses help us deliver a simpler, more integrated offer to clients by bringing great agency brands together under one roof and providing easier access to our collective talent. Giving our people modern, world-class working environments allows them to do their best creative work, it encourages closer collaboration and it’s an important part of building an open and optimistic culture at WPP.”


The identity is immersed into the fabric of the campus’s building – from logotype, iconography and communications to custom furniture, interactive installations and statement walls. The signage is tactile; the colours are derived from urban materials, and the wayfinding icons make a playful turn of Dutch iconic symbols - bike icons that look like the ones you find on Amsterdam streets, glass icons in the shape of Heineken glasses, and the outline of an electric car marking the parking for the campus residents.

Coming together, these elements define a real campus identity, uniting very different agencies in a combined home that enables creativity, new ideas and collaboration.

“I’m incredibly proud of the regeneration of Amsteldok into both a fantastic new home for our people and a new creative and social hub for the city. We have an innovative and collaborative culture in Amsterdam, and WPP’s market offering, further bolstered by the creation of Hogarth Netherlands, is stronger than ever as we bring our brands together.”

WPP Netherlands Country Manager