1 Dec 2017

A new corporate site for Legal & General Group

The new website distills a complex corporate story into a digital experience of how the company creates possibilities for customers, shareholders and wider society.

Launched in December 2017, legalandgeneralgroup.com is the product of a long and trusted relationship and a deep understanding of the company’s business strategy and purpose.

Legal & General is a diverse and dynamic business that’s undergoing a repositioning from being seen as a traditional insurance company to being primarily a global asset manager, with expertise in insurance risk. The company needed a partner who properly understood its strategy and could create a brand story that connected with all its audiences, worked to differentiate it from traditional insurance peers and the big asset managers, and could be activated through its corporate website and the full range of its communication channels.

Superunion developed the brand narrative around the idea of ‘creating possibilities’ that draws on the company’s purpose and its unique capabilities. Legal & General has always had a strong sense of social purpose to improve the lives of its customers and build a better society for the long term.

Legal & General also has a distinctive, long-term focus based on its expertise in risk management. The business is built on predicting how long people live and their changing needs throughout their lives, they can see things that others don't and create far-sighted approaches that challenge and change assumptions, perceptions and markets. They work in risk. They deal in probability. But what they create is possibility. This narrative was developed through a thematic framework which underpins the design and content strategy on the website and across its corporate communication channels including the Annual Report, video and environment graphics.

The new site is a full digital execution of the new brand experience – one that is both a powerful new communications hub and a manifestation of the positive social and economic impact of Legal & General. It focuses attention on the connections between the overall brand narrative and the specific needs of its many audiences, showing how the reasons to invest in, follow, buy from or work for Legal & general are all part of the same common story. This is most clearly expressed through a series of thematic ‘living stories’ – which feature as the main navigation bar and provide more detail on the Legal & General view of the world, enabling audiences to explore the key projects and products the business is focused upon and get a better understanding of the business overall.

The design is bold, fresh and dynamic and sets a new benchmark for corporate websites. It aims to demonstrate how Legal & General is at home in the real world – with real people and their needs, hopes, fears and dreams. A world of richness and imperfection as lived, enjoyed and endured its customers – rather than the buffed models of traditional pension adverts.

The site also conveys the optimism that sets Legal & General apart. The ability to understand that the world is a messy place, flawed, and alive with contradiction. But one that is also full of opportunity – for those who can see things differently and make and do things differently and better.

The new site matches the ambition, energy and excitement of what the business is doing today and demonstrates its digital fluency to the world.

The new site was launched on 15 December 2017 at www.legalandgeneralgroup.com.