From start-up to scale-up


Moving from start-up to scale-up is a pivotal stage in the development of business maturity, and it's also the stage where the greatest number of challenges surface.

You know that the marketing strategies that got you where you are today are unlikely to be the things that get you where you want to be tomorrow. But when you're disrupting a category or operating in a new category altogether, how do you prove the effectiveness of media channels you want to test and scale? How do you understand which media works best where? How do you build your brand? And most importantly, how do you prove that every decision you're making will deliver growth?

Matt Boffey, Chief Strategy Officer, joined experts from the ScaleUp Institute, 4Ventures and Wavemaker Select at its inaugural Scale Up Media Summit designed to help scaling businesses unlock post-performance growth. Talking on the importance of brand during this critical time in a business' evolution, Matt offered key advice on the right channel mix to sustain growth and build a brand, with other experts sharing how to diversify and justify media investment to key stakeholders.


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