9 Jun 2020

51 Days

51 Days by London's photographer and designer, Reuben Alghali, is a photographic essay of London in lockdown. 

Featuring over 40 photographic observations of London and Londoners in the 51-day period of the UK's official lockdown, 51 Days offers images of the mood, the setting, the light and the fabric of London that we have never seen before, of the capital that shut its doors and the streets left abandoned. 

The book is designed with a lot of white space, in reference to the deserted streets of London, and to allow the photography of some of the relatively low-fi and ever changing government's instructions, and responses from members of the public, displayed on the windows and doors of businesses struggling to remain open, take centre stage. 

The final page is reserved for paying tribute to healthcare and key workers who have battled tirelessly to save lives and keep the economy going during this pandemic, to whom Alghali takes the opportunity to thank, and spare a thought for those who sadly lost their lives in the process. 


Reuben Alghali said: "I found adjusting to the lockdown hard at first, instantaneously my routine was turned on its head and I, as we all did, had to find a "new normal." I took full advantage of being allowed to exercise once a day, which quickly became a challenge to see how many now deserted iconic locations I could visit.

I didn't initially set out to create a book; at first I was just uploading my photos to Instagram. However, I felt that Instagram lacked the permanence befitting of the effects that this global pandemic will have on our healthcare system, economy and daily lives in the months and perhaps years to come - so I decided to create a more tangible document to capture this historic event."

You can purchase a copy of the book here.

About Reuben Alghali:

With a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, Reuben has a background in branding and sees himself as a creative problem solver. With a passion for learning and drawing influence from as wide a range of sources as possible, Reuben has worked in a variety of fields within design, working with both corporate clients and consumer brands - using each to inform the other. Reuben has always had a love for photography, and along with client work he finds personal projects a great way for him to express, discover and challenge himself.