As an intern at Superunion you will work with big clients from the get go, and will be contributing to creative revolution, where ideas create positive, meaningful change. This doesn’t happen overnight, so you’ll be a hungry learner with a curious attitude. But you’ll also be expected to develop a point of view and be able to express it clearly.

No one expects you to know everything about brands and business from day one. Curiosity, ideas and attitude count for more.

Our interns will work in one of three areas.


We’re not expecting you to be a professionally fully rounded designer the moment you arrive.  If you ask interesting questions and have bold ideas that make us think, that matters far, far more.


If you’ve got an appetite for understanding problems, and a desire to solve them with unexpected insights and fresh ideas, then this might suit you. Particularly if you can express yourself clearly (but not always loudly.)

Client services

Here it helps to have unbound reserves of energy, coupled with great organisational and commercial sense, and a genuine interest in the world our clients operate in.

Ready to give us a try? Check out our open intern positions.