6 Sep 2016

The hidden meanings behind 9 of the most famous logos

Clever branding in a company’s logo can have a huge influence on the brand and its value.

Veb Anand, Strategy

Google regained the title of the “most valuable global brand” from Apple in an annual ranking of the world’s best brands because of its constant innovation. Judges found that Google’s new products and services have captured the public eye and boosted the brand’s value by 32% to $229 billion.

But clever branding in a company’s logo, visual system or tagline can have a huge influence on the brand and its value. Veb Anand, executive director of strategy shares nine global brands which have made their name through their logo.




Vice, the digital media and broadcasting company, has been known for its provocative and often controversial news content, mostly targeted at digital savvy young adults.

The company’s graffiti logo helps it to cement its anti-establishment roots, according to Anand.

“In a world where the greater public feels an increasing disconnect to social structures, Vice continues to document this friction with unprecedented authenticity.

“Vice’s connection with the millennial demographic defines its ethos, and its graffiti sprawled logo shows its commitment to such that cements its cutting-edge sensibilities,” he said.




Nike, named after the Greek Goddess of Victory, has been a cultivator of cool for 40 years which is a testament to the strength of its brand and logo, according to Anand.

Its check logo is its own subtle declaration of perfection as the brand remains in the forefront of athletic style.

The athletic-wear giant recorded more than $32 billion in sales in the twelve months ending on April 22. Profit over the same period was $3.8 billion.

Nike has also seen its shares grow from one team or 6 per cent in 1996 to six teams or 25 per cent at Euro 2016.


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