17 Jul 2019

Podcast: Creativity with Made By Sport

Jim Prior talks creativity with Sir Keith Mills, the catalyst behind Made By Sport.

Episodes to download

05. Creativity with Shout

01 October 2019

In this fifth episode Victoria Hornby, CEO of Shout, talks about the phenomenon of Shout, a free text messaging service that provides support for people in crisis, and discussed the societal role of technology in promoting conversations around mental health.


04. Creativity with Made By Sport

17 July 2019

In this fourth episode Sir Keith Mills, the catalyst behind the Made By Sport initiative, Deputy Chairman of London 2012, Chairman of the Royal Foundation and the Invictus Games Foundation, talks about the social value of sport and the power of ideas to bring society together.


03. Creativity with What We Seee

10 May 2019

In this third episode What We Seee's founder, Misan Harriman, talks about storytelling, authenticity and working with social media platforms to deliver content at scale. What We Seee is one of the fastest growing social publishers, It achieves 2 million video views a day and reaches 1.5 billion people a year.


02. Creativity with the Financial Times

09 April 2019

In this second episode the Financial Times’ Chief Commercial Officer, Jon Slade, reflects on how technology has reshaped the publishing industry and pushed the FT to think more creatively about its operational strategy.


01. Creativity with Google

21 February 2019

In this first episode Google Marketing Director, Nishma Robb, explains how a diverse workforce generates the best ideas and why it’s so valuable to encourage creativity and critical thinking from an early age.