23 Jan 2018

Making a splash

Creativity is a fundamental human trait. It should be embedded and encouraged throughout any and every part of an organisation.

Greg Quinton, Chief Creative Officer

The turn of the year is good for everyone, it’s that time of year when we pause for a moment, cast a quick eye over the year that’s gone, take a deep breath and dive (or in my case, cannonball) into the new one.

As part of that process, we often question what and why we are doing what we do.

When it comes to the creative industry, what it does is fundamentally the same. We all try our best to solve our client’s problems. How we do it varies a little, but the real variable is the why which is defined by our ambition, attitude and our belief.

Our new agency is made up of 750 people and the same ethos reaches across all of our 23 different offices – which is to challenge the norm and bust the category norm, we know that in order to do that, we need to think differently. Not just in terms of our techniques but also in our approach to problem solving – we need, and have, a belief that creativity can make a real difference – and that requires a spirit of optimism.

What really excites me about the launch of Superunion is the scale and reach of our creative impact. We’re able to get involved in the business at the core and help with the fundamentals. Working with the most senior people and directly affecting change that goes wider, developing the idea that gives their business meaning and carrying it through every touchpoint. Creativity is the tool for change and it should go from the big idea at the top, right down to the tiniest of details at the bottom. Designing change at those two extremes is really rewarding, because when you get it right it gives your clients vision a powerful, cohesive expression.

We love making our clients cry... not from the pain, but from the delight and experience of feeling re-engaging with their brand in some way past, present or future. Relationships with clients are emotional, they have to be. Truly creative work touches the soul and it’s what we constantly strive for – that moment when we know we’ve reenergised their business, given creative life to their ambitions and made a difference.

We never forget that everyone is creative; it’s a fundamental human trait and it should be embedded and encouraged throughout any and every part of an organisation. When we run workshops with our clients, our goal is to reopen that creative (right) side of the brain which can all too quickly become dusty and dormant. You can see the effect it has by looking at participants’ faces – when creative work invites participation and gives the pleasure of decoding it speaks to the intellectual curiosity of humans, it allows the recipient to make the necessary act of completion and as a result a strong connection is built. And let’s face it, the world could do with feeling more connected.

Our goal is to move brands, and the world, forward in some way. Whether it’s global, national, local, big business, arts or charity, when you’re able to create at our scale, the potential is huge. That’s the power of creativity.

It unites us and shortens the distance between brands and people.

It creates common ground in unusual, innovative and exciting ways.

It taps into deep human truths and challenges conventions.

So, let’s dive in and have a wonderful, creative new year.