8 Mar 2018

Internationally Inspired

At Superunion, with our scale and creative and strategic expertise, comes diversity of experience and opinion. And you realise just how diverse when you ask 750 people in 24 offices in 18 countries to tell you which women in business and creative industries inspire them and how best gender bias in marketing and communications can be tackled. It’s then that you realise just what we’ve achieved in combining so many people, so many cultures, and so many backgrounds.

For International Women’s Day this year, we want to celebrate the women who inspire us; share and discuss our views of how gender is presented in marketing and communications around the world; and acknowledge what we can do more of to keep creatively pushing the boundaries.

This morning we hosted an internal breakfast panel with Superunion UK’s Digital Creative Director Marta Swannie, Client Partner Arlaine Shepherd, Managing Partner Christina Futcher, Senior Strategist Andi Davids and guest speaker Karen Blackett OBE, WPP’s UK Country Manager and Chairwoman of MediaCom UK. The panel has been a catalyst for discussion; we didn’t expect to come away with a uniform opinion, and we shouldn’t, the goal was to come away thinking. As Francisca Posada Brown, one of our London strategists and wrote: ‘We have a very powerful role in the world when it comes to the influence we can have. We should use it to lead the way.’

Today we celebrate the women that inspire us across the regions we work in - women in the arts, in film and production, women we work with and who’ve mentored us, women in the creative industry, and business leaders – the list is long, and responses came from across our network.