28 Aug 2018

ESEF on a page...

What is ESEF and what does it really mean for the future of reporting? 

Justine Dixon, senior strategist

We’ve put together a handy one page guide outlining everything you need to know on ESEF and the proposed changes.

Download our one page guide here.

Superunion is currently engaging with the relevant regulators to help inform the UK’s implementation of the RTS. Our aim is to ensure that the UK regulation is implemented with the annual report audience in mind, and does not cause an unnecessary reporting burden to clients. Join us this Autumn for a breakfast seminar, during which we will share an update on the status of the upcoming 2020 ESEF requirements, as well as providing guidance on the most efficient approach to XBRL tagging.

If you are interested in attending our seminar or would like to be kept updated with progress on our research then please contact:

Dominic Burnham
Business Development 
E: dominic.burnham@superunion.com

M: +44 (0)7776 455 037
T: +44 (0)207 599 7000