Originating from Australia, Purezza is a growing global brand that is changing the way the hospitality industry does business. Committed to a sustainability vision to remove 30 million single-use bottles from the global hospitality chain annually, Purezza is a modern alternative to pre-packaged bottled water. Integrating sustainable water practices. Purezza eliminates single-use bottles, significantly reduces transportation and logistics and reduces the industry's negative impact on the environment.

Our Amsterdam team worked with the brand team to design a bespoke and unique range of Petalosa bottles that deliver aesthetically beautiful design with highly functional aspects and a strong focus on sustainability.

The shape of the bottles reflects the organic, soft curved lines of petals with a tapered form. The faceted glass of the bottle breaks the light unexpectedly and creates a playful effect. The tangible design allows the user to appreciate this distinctive form, whilst the minimalistic, understated branding helps hospitality venues create a truly premium experience.

In the hospitality industry, hygiene is key, and played a crucial role in the development of the bottles. From the finish, to the wider bottle mouth, to the shape of the neck and shoulders, all these elements work together to optimise in-flow of water during washing processes and prevent particle build-up, ultimately achieving the highest of hygiene standards.

The bottle height has been carefully considered so that they can be used in standard glass and bottle dishwashers - saving time, money and energy. The bottles and caps are reusable and can be recycled.


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